Antiptools your efficient supply partner of industrial Machine Parts & Equipment in the following fields:

cutting tools and clamping tools, automation, gears, motors, cables, relais, switchgear, communication management systems, pneumatics, gearboxes, pumps, sensors, dampers, switchgear, protection devices, gaskets, connectors, power supplies, camps ...etc and the rest is necessary for the supply of industrial enterprises.

The range of direct deliveries from Germany includes:

Equipment and components for the metalworking industry

Spare parts and equipment for agricultural machinery, rolling stock and other

Raw materials, equipment, spare parts for the chemical industry



We supply spare parts and accessories from more than 300 industrial manufacturers annually


More than 5 years Experience in the supply of industrial companies


Our priority is to satisfy our customers

Competitive conditions

Thanks to the close cooperation with market leading manufacturers

Spare parts & accessories for industrial applications:

Mechanical engineering and metalworking

Mechanical engineering and metalworking

Agricultural industry

Agricultural industry

Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Liefer- und Versandkostenbedingungen:

We deliver the items to all countries in the world


For worldwide deliveries, you have the following payment options

Prepayment by bank transfer

Payment via PayPal